Alaska Traditional Music Camp 
 March 21, 2010
Camp Carlquist, Chugiak, Alaska

Dear Friends of Alaska Traditional Music Camp,
Many of you have asked about the status of this year's camp.  After much deliberation and many meetings of the committee for this camp, it has been decided to not host a music camp for this summer and regroup for next year.  Several major circumstances led to this decision.
First, our camp director, Linda Ziegler, decided to take a break from running the camp another year.  Over the years she has put in countless hours managing this camp, and has done an outstanding job.  Three cheers for her tireless efforts.  Second, the Scout Council that manages Camp Carlquist, and the agency that we rent it from, booked a group of Scouts to use the camp for the week that we normally use it for our camp.  Those are the two major mitigating factors in our decision regarding camp for this summer.
The committee would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported this camp in the past, and do hope you will continue to support our mission when it starts back up.
Please stay in touch.